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Ella Rock, Sri Lanka.

Já era hora de trabalhar as pernas, e que lugar melhor para começar do que em Ella, uma pequena aldeia situada no alto das montanhas do Sri Lanka. O que mais me agrada é que mesmo estando na rota turística do país, não sentimos pressionados em comprar passeios. Grande parte das caminhadas /trilhas podem ser […]

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Shame mode ON

Ok, we can’t wait to get there but actually, getting back into the backpacking mood is proving a little harder than I had expected. After a few months back home we seem to have lost a little bit of the adventurer within us and we decided to cheat just slightly. As our flight was arriving […]

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Guess who’s back?

 After a couple of months away from our round the world trip, visiting our families in England and Brazil as well as updating our blog, we are back again on the road. Not really sure where it will lead us this time as we have made no plans what so ever but that is part […]

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