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Trabalhando em Aitutaki – Cook Islands

Quando você está viajando ao redor do mundo, não importa o quanto você planeje o seu itinerário, pesquise os lugares que você vai visitar e coisas para fazer, você pode ter certeza de uma coisa, nem sempre será como o esperado. Mas isso, de certa forma, é a parte, não é? Ser surpreendido constantemente e […]

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Don’t forget your passport (With Video)

As we have pointed out here before, if you want to get to the stunning beaches in the lagoon, you need to either take one of the various lagoon cruises or a charter to one of the outer islands. Here we will review both so that you can get an idea of which suits you […]

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Cheapest accommodation on Aitutaki?

There is no real backpacking option on Aitutaki but that was something we had realised long ago. With this in mind, there are only a few budget options on the island which are in the NZ$60 range which you will be able to find easily on Aitutaki accomodation After much deliberation we decided to go […]

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Kayaking in Aitutaki (With Video)

As Mariah had mentioned in her last post, we first heard of Aitutaki while sitting at home in London, four or five years back, watching Shipwrecked. The first thing we did was go straight into Google and search the location of the islands where these people had been left. For those of you that don’t […]

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Welcome to the Cook Islands

Nosso próximo destino esteve em nossos pensamentos muito antes de começarmos essa viagem. Lembro de sonhar com aquela água azul cristalina, enquanto assistiamos a séria de TV Inglesa, Shipwreck, onde os participantes ficavam isolados em uma ilha paradísiaca. E você? Já se fantasiou escapar para uma ilha remota, longe da agitação e barulho do mundo […]

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Back to the Past

Monday morning at Auckland Airport, Sunday on the beach? We’re often left confused by the constant change of time zones but today went beyond anything we had done before. After enjoying our last meal in New Zealand with James on Sunday and making our way to the airport on Monday morning for an emotional final […]

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