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Extending your visa in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Once again, Mariah wins as she receives a 59 day visa upon arrival at Clark Airport, while I only get 21 days and will therefore need to go through the process of renewing in order to extend my stay. However, I’m not too stressed as I’ve heard that this can be done quite easily in […]

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Visas, money and a film

Before heading to Myanmar there are a number of hurdles you need to jump. One of the easiest will actually be your Visa as the process is simple and efficient. Due to time constraints we decided to get the same day visa in Bangkok which came to a total of 1260Bth per person. From Khao […]

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Phnom Penh and the border crossing

Depois de 8 horas de viagem saindo de Saigon no Vietnã, em um ônibus que nos custou apenas US$8 com a empresa Capitol, cruzamos a fronteira com Camboja. Foi super tranquilo, a empresa organizou todo o processo, recolheu os passaportes com mais US$25 de taxa e nós só tivemos que esperar que chamássemos nossos nomes, […]

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Vietnam Visa from Luang Prabang

Unlike the Indonesian visa, which is full of requirements and dress codes, our pre-arranged visa for Vietnam was simple, fast and completely stress free. We decided to complete this requirement in Luang Prabang as you need to specify on the form the exact date of entry and exit from Vietnam. As our plans change almost […]

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Thai – Laos border crossing at Huay Xai

Our visa on arrival for Laos could not have been easier. We stamped our exit visa on the Thai side of the Mekong and after a 2min boat ride across the river we were in Laos. Here we had to proceed through their immigration which consisted of a simple form to complete and payment of […]

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Indonesian 60 days Visa in Penang.

(Para ler em Português, clique em leia mais) After reading all the comments on internet about the Indonesia visa, we were not looking forward to the process once we arrived in Penang. As some of you might know, a 30 day visa is granted upon arrival at the airport but if you want to stay […]

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