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Bangkok Airport Transfers

There is something about Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok, that makes us feel so at home. It has been the starting point of so many of our adventures that we have adopted it as our favouurite airport worldwide. However, if like us, you need to transit onto one of the many Air Asia flights that ply […]

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Don’t forget your passport (With Video)

As we have pointed out here before, if you want to get to the stunning beaches in the lagoon, you need to either take one of the various lagoon cruises or a charter to one of the outer islands. Here we will review both so that you can get an idea of which suits you […]

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Free Stuff to do Around Waitomo Caves – New Zealand

So, New Zealand is expensive, nothing new or ground breaking there as you were all probably aware of this. In the last few weeks we have spent more than we would have in Asia for months as the Fun Budget has exploded out of its limited brackets. I tell you all this as we are […]

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Volta ao mundo!

Esta será a nossa primeira viagem realmente longa. Geralmente viajamos até no máximo 3 semanas e não temos muita experiência para ir adiante. Ter muito tempo não é algo que estamos acostumados e fazer essa transição será um pouco complicado no começo. Vemos que a maioria dos viajantes RTW (round the world), planejam meses a […]

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